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Ridgeway Loop Road at Briarcrest Avenue

Artists' Information Page

Information about Load In and other important aspects of your participation in Art in The Loop Appear here.

Art in The Loop                                                                                                                                                                        

Arrival & Check In Instructions (Friday, 04/12/23)

Hi, everyone. Our set up for Art in The Loop begins on Friday, April 12, at 9:00am.

We will set up on a City street: Ridgeway Loop Road (between Briarcrest Ave. & Ridge Bend Rd.).

The street will NOT be closed before 9:00AM. You must access the festival site from the WEST end of Ridgeway Loop Rd., by following Ridgeway Center Parkway (which will become Ridge Lake Blvd) past the Hilton, and then taking a right onto Ridgeway Loop Road; the street will be closed at the corner of Ridge Bend Rd. Our festival runs along Ridge Loop Road from Ridge Bend Road to Briarcrest Avenue (see map link below).  You may line up on Ridgeway Parkway along the curb, if you arrive early.  DO NOT Drive on to the Festival Grounds ahead of time.

Artists whose names begin with A-M should be in line at 9:00am; artists whose names begin with N-Z will line up at 9:20am. This process should not take long.  You will be asked for your name, and then handed an envelope with your badge and space number, as well as a map of the site. There will be staff on-site at additional points along the road to help direct you to your space. Numbers will be marked on the curb to indicate your space.

You may drive up to –and unload at – your space.  You should park  in the 10+’ space to the west of your space, or parallel immediately in front of – and abutting – your space.

DO NOT park in the middle of the street: DO NOT block the flow of traffic. All vehicles must be removed from the festival grounds by 11:00am (not one second later, as we have to man the barricades to let you out). 

You will exit Ridgeway Loop from the EAST side of the festival, to one of two approved parking lots: either, Highpoint Church (near east side of festival: take first left on Briarcrest, then ahead one short block; the church will be on your left); OR, First Evangelical Church (near the WEST side of the  festival; heading straight past Briarcrest Avenue on Ridgeway Loop, and then make a right onto Ridgeway Center Parkway (which will become Ridge Lake Blvd when it passes the Hilton: the street ends at the church). There is no overnight parking in these lots!

Then, walk back to your space (there will be additional – closer – parking lot access on Saturday & Sunday).  Remember that we need to save any nearby street parking for our guests! 

If you have a trailer to leave, or are traveling in an RV, and have not yet contacted me for overnight parking instructions, please do so. There is limited off-street parking for trailers and RV’s, which will be assigned by permit. We will TRY to accommodate any latecomers.   We do not provide security at this lot; you park at your own risk (a trailer was stolen once; get good locks!). 

Remember, that you will all have a corner space (actually, open on three sides); tents will face the middle of the street; the back of your tent should be 3 feet away from the curb (to allow water to flow if it should rain).  You may use the grass median behind your tent for storage (do not block the gutter or the sidewalk).   Do not spread out on the street in any direction more than 2’ beyond your 10’x 10’ tent; this 2’ limit includes: awnings, signs, artists’ work, displays, check-out podiums, chairs, etc.: you will be required to move anything extending beyond these parameters.

Also, remember that all tents must be weighted as per our specifications in Zapp: “All tents must be suitably weighted: at least 50 pounds per corner, suspended from the top of the tent” (i.e., not sitting on the base of the tent poles,  that will not prevent a tent from being blown over): you are liable for any damage done by your tent to the tents/work of other artists.

Art in The Loop officially opens at 1:00PM; if you cannot be set up in the 4 hours allotted, do not panic: there is no penalty for failure to be 100% ready by 1:00pm. Before some of you ask: No, you may not start setting up early: the street is open to traffic until 9:00am: there are no exceptions.

Art in The Loop is open to the public on Friday from 1:00pm to 6:00pm; on Saturday from 10:00am to 6:00pm; on Sunday from 11:00am to 4:00pm: no packing up is permitted until 4:05pm; no vehicles will be admitted for move-out until 4:30pm.

To recap:

Move in begins at 9:00am, on Friday, April 12th.
Vehicles must be removed by 11:00am
Festival “Opens” at 1:00PM
Festival move-out begins at 4:05pm on April 14th.

Greg  (gregbelz@hotmail.com;  or, m. 901-826-3196)  

Map: https://www.google.com/maps/@35.108007,-89.8651443,18z

Satellite Image: https://earth.google.com/web/@35.1068266,-89.8647246,94.69692904a,845.48840881d,35y,0h,45t,0r/data=ChcaFQoNL2cvMTFjM3EzbXk5cRgCIAEoAigC

Notes on SET UP: Friday April 12  at 9:00AM

After being admitted to the festival, drive directly to your assigned space; there will be staff at positons along the street to help you find them.

 Space numbers are marked on a stake at the curb. You will find your space number on the curb at the middle of your assigned spot. There will be  flags on either side of your number to show you the 10’ width of the 10’x10’ area assigned to you.

There will be a marking on the street showing where the  back of your tent will be: 3 feet from the curb (to leave the gutter along the curb free from obstruction).

There are several feet in between you and your next-door neighbor; your tent will be open to traffic on 3 sides; you may use the grassy median in back of your tent for storage. Do not block the gutter along the curb, or the sidewalk, and do not place anything on - or in any other way block - the artist’s space next door to you.

You have approximately 4 hours to set up, but do not stress about the time-frame; there is no penalty if you are not ready by 1pm (there will still be plenty of time left, Friday, and on Saturday & Sunday).  If there are shoppers itching to see your stuff, and you aren’t ready just smile and tell people to come back in a little while.

Even though our official set up ends at 1pm, you must remove all vehicles by 11am. NO EXCEPTIONS.  You will exit heading out the east side of the festival grounds, from Ridgeway Loop, turn left at Briarcrest Avenue, and then cross Sweetbriar and turn left into the parking lot of Highpoint Church (no overnights!).  Alternatively, you may continue on Ridgeway Loop, and turn right onto Ridgeway Center Parkway, which becomes Ridge Lake Blvd (when it curves past the Hilton); continue on Ridge Lake Blvd., until the street dead ends at First Evangelical Church; you may also park in the church lot on Friday (No overnights!). Then, walk back to your space (there will be additional parking in the office lots on Saturday & Sunday). However, you should not park in the lot where the portolets are located; please leave those spaces available for our guests.

If you have reserved an oversized parking space for an RV or to drop a trailer, you will follow those parking instructions instead of those explained above. 

We “open” at 1pm and close at 6pm on Friday.  

Artists’ parking -

On Friday’s set up:  you must remove all vehicles from the festival site by 11am. NO EXCEPTIONS.  You will exit on the east side of the festival grounds, at the intersection with Briarcrest Blvd.

On Friday, you may park in either: 
the Parking Lot at High Point Church at Briarcrest Avenue and Sweetbriar: turn left off Ridgeway Loop onto Briarcrest Avenue, then left into the church lot (no overnights!).


the Parking Lot at First Evangelical Church: head straight on Ridgeway Loop Road, and then circle back around to artists’ parking near the point at which you entered the event site;  from Ridgeway Loop, make a right onto Ridgeway Center Parkway, which becomes Ridge Lake Blvd (when it curves past the Hilton). Continue on Ridge Lake Blvd., until the street dead ends at First Evangelical Church; park in the church lot (Again, no overnights!).

You may also park on the street Friday in available spaces along Ridge Lake Blvd, but remember that we need to save any nearby street parking for our guests. 

Alternatively, if you have a reserved space for either an RV or trailer, please park there, and then return to your exhibition space. 

If you have not yet reserved a space for a trailer and RV – and you need one – please email me ASAP. Spaces are limited and are available on a first come basis.

Tennessee Sales Tax Information:

If you have a TN Sales Tax Account, you know the drill.

If you do NOT currently have a Tennessee Sale Tax Account, you must file online. You may do so as an “Infrequent Filer” (that way you should not be bothered with demands for scheduled returns).    


From this page select the photo box labeled “registration/exemption”

The location address is 866 Ridgeway Loop Road, Memphis TN 38120

The sales tax rate for Memphis TN is 9.75%


Note the areas outined in RED on the aerial site view below. Do NOT Park in those areas at any time (unless you have a handicapped license). You are to park in the green area (at Mission Church) on Friday after unloading at your space. You may park within the yellow areas on Saturday & Sunday. Again, you are not to park in the red areas at any time.